Data Management

Overview: Client has an ongoing need for continuous literary publication provided to clients. Due to a multitude of contributors, data sources, and a fractured publication process the client needed a scalable solution to help manage processes and requirements.

The Problem: The sheer number of contributors and data sources needed to produce the publications created a unique hurdle for this client. There was a clear need for a unified data source with standardized procedures so information sharing could progress efficiently, requirements could be clearly defined and met, and the publication lifecycle could evolve quicker.

The Solution: Astir Services LLC has been working with the client for an ongoing basis to create and maintain a scalable program that unifies all data necessary for the publication lifecycle. This solution provides the client with a single data repository where all information can be stored and retrieved easily. Also, the solution helps digest the publication requirements into a set of standardized procedures, enabling contributors to identify and meet those requirements more efficiently.

Client Benefits: As procedures were standardized, requirements made more clearly visible, and data made more easily accessible the turnaround times reduced significantly. This allows the publication lifecycle to become shorter, allowing more publications to be provided. Astir Services continues to work with this client, maintaining this solution on an ongoing basis in order for the publication process to continue operating smoothly.

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