Survey Engine

Actionable Customer Business Intelligence Data

Data collection and analysis is fundamental to understanding your employees, customers, competition, and your overall business. Although this is a critical function for any business, it is something that is often neglected. Many businesses do not fully understand how to collect data properly… while others fail when they try to organize and analyze their data.

Regardless of your business and industry, you need to collect and analyze data effectively; which ultimately drives your strategies, resource utilization, and business decisions.

The Astir Services Survey Engine can improve your understanding of available data. This business intelligence tool can help you collect data on your customers, employees, competitors, the market, etc., and analyze it from multiple perspectives. The Survey Engine enables businesses to create custom data collection tools, which can incorporate multiple question types, logic, sequencing, pagination, and other control options. A custom architected data collection tool can be used to survey any target population and elicit tremendous amounts of detailed information.

Survey Engine
Below is a partial list of features from the Survey Engine:
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Standard Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • Cross-Sectional Analysis
  • Trended Analysis
  • And More…

The Astir Services Survey Engine also includes a management methodology for the tracking of survey respondents. As surveys are implemented and respondents begin providing data, the robust reporting engine analyzes and presents the information in real time. The Survey Engine enables multiple levels of reporting, including detailed dashboards, summary level reporting, and customizable tables and info-graphics.

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